Comprehensive due diligence is imperative to any successful transaction, and MTBS M&A supports its clients in the execution of an efficient and effective due diligence process. In sell-side transactions this includes the coordination of vendor due diligence and later on the coordination of the third-party due diligence processes (among others dataroom and Q&A sessions). In buy-side transactions this means evaluating due diligence materials in order to assess the critical aspects of the target and coordinating the various due diligence work streams performed by external advisors (financial, tax, legal and technical). Given our strong expertise in the ports and maritime sector, we often also perform the commercial due diligence on the target.  We believe the combined offering of lead advisory services and commercial due diligence services provides our clients with a competitive edge in buy-side processes.

For more information on commercial due diligence services, please visit the Services page of the MTBS website.

MTBS M&A offers due diligence services including:

  Commercial due diligence (buy-side)
  Appointment of advisors

  Coordination of due diligence
  Addressing due diligence findings


MTBS M&A is a transaction advisory firm fully specialised in the international port and maritime sector. Building upon MTBS’ 15+ years of experience in hundreds of projects, we offer a superior understanding of the sector and as lead advisor support our clients in successfully realising transactions across the value chain, including port terminals (container, multipurpose, bulk, or liquids), inland terminals (dry ports, river terminals), and supporting logistics (off-dock facilities, warehouses).


MTBS M&A has direct and continuous lines of contact with the large international port operators, smaller private port operators, infrastructure investors, institutional investors, and port authorities around the world. This large global network allows MTBS M&A to run an efficient process for every transaction. Built on trust and integrity, these relationships allow us to identify the right acquisition targets or the right buyer for our clients.


MTBS M&A’s dedicated deal team ensures frequent, direct, and transparent interaction with the client to ensure constant alignment during the transaction process. As a trusted advisor, we continuously aim to safeguard our clients’ interests and therefore invest in developing a strong long-term relationship.


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